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Dr. Patricia Zaradic is a conservation ecologist whose work combines social science and ecological approaches to address pressing conservation issues. Dr. Zaradic is a recent Environmental Leadership Program Fellow and has received research support from an EPA STAR grant, the National Science Foundation and a Smith Conservation Research Fellowship.

Dr. Oliver Pergams is a conservation scientist at Olive-Harvey College and the University of Illinois at Chicago. He views conservation as a problem-focused discipline, and has utilized diverse methodologies to solve various conservation problems. These methodologies derive from biology (molecular genetics inc. ancient DNA, morphometrics, extinction prediction) as well as the social sciences (sociology, economics). Dr. Pergams is able to draw on experience from his first career trading various financial instruments, and which he ended as Chairman of the Board of the trading firm Chicago Options. During his career in conservation he has received a number of awards, including a Smith Conservation Research Fellowship and a Fulbright Senior Lecturing/Research Award.


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Dr. Patricia Zaradic

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